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I have just passed my driving test today with an absolutely top instructor, Craig Gordon from Simon Bell driving school Sunderland.  I started my driving practice in MIddlesbrough before CoronaVirus hit and then had to stop for five months.  I started practicing again in August this year, only to find that when trying to book at my local test centre, there were no slots until late in the year, Nov/Dec.  Instead of waiting, I decided to attempt my test at Sunderland test centre, took the plunge and booked it.  To help familiarise myself with the area, I sourced a competent teacher form the location  and thankfully came across Craig.   What an instructor, he taught me the routes, some new techniques and methods and was there for me today prior to my test.  He is patient, often taking a little time after my lesson to answer my questions, he is knowledgeable, a great communicator  and gives stacks of encouragement and advice.  What stuck out most though, was how personally invested he was in wanting me to pass.  He clearly cares for his students and takes pride in seeing us succeed.
Thank you Craig, could not have done it without you, TOP INSTRUCTOR!!!!

Harry Ridsdale


When contacting Simon he assigned Alison to be my instructor and I am so happy that he did. She’s an amazing and patient teacher, not once did I feel nervous or under stress.
Learning to drive can feel overwhelming at times but the way I had been taught has brought me a feeling of confidence and control over the car. I could not recommend this driving school more!

Agata Urbanska

Massive thank you to wasim for his patience and for putting up with me I know I’m hard work but I got there in the end and finally passed my test today over the moon so thank you Simon bell for putting me on to wasim will be recommending him to everyone I know so thanks again

Debbie King


Before I came to be taught by Alison, I’d had some really poor experiences with driving instructors which had essentially shattered my confidence. I was tired of feeling like I was a slow learner and by a certain number of lessons I should be at a certain level of driving. Alison made me feel at ease and we worked at making my driving more and more independent at my own pace. Never once did I feel out of my depth.

I couldn’t speak more highly of her teaching style. She was always very patient with me and, despite breaking away from my lessons periodically for uni, I was able to retain everything she’d taught me.

I never thought I’d actually get to the point where I’d be able to pass my driving test but she got me there! Thank you so so much Alison!


Craig was an outstanding instructor from my first lesson to my exam day.

He was patient with me and gave me almost non-stop guidance as I went from a complete novice to now someone who can drive a bit!

One of the best teachers I’ve ever had full stop.

If you have a choice of two lanes always pick the left one!

Thank you Craig and all the best!

Mohammed Dalmar 

I am beyond delighted to have passed my driving test this week, on my first attempt and with only 1 minor fault!! I started lessons in June 2017 and as a relatively older student, I was very nervous about getting into the driver’s seat. Alison was very patient with me and helped settle the nerves. She always gave me positive and constructive feedback and over the past 5 months, I have grown in confidence. I don’t think I could have passed with anyone else, and can highly recommend Alison to any new learner. Alison, thank you so much. You’ve been amazing!!

Emma Boyd


I’d like to say a big thanks to Wasim who got me through my driving, they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and at the age of 35 it’s true, but he was excellent, a great help, guided me through, harsh when required, mellow most of the time and very very efficient. He also went out of his way to fit me in at weekends and evenings which must have been a pain. So grateful for everything he helped me with and would recommend to anyone else.

Chris Dunnett

I’m writing in regards to my experience with Simon bell driving school.

Firstly my instructor was Harry who is an absolute gentleman with an calming and confident influence from the first moment you speak to him.
 The driving Harry’s training and instructions was always clear and concise
Mark Leonard
I am extremely happy about my experience with Gerry, he is an amazing professional instructor who taught me how to be a good driver for life. Through his informative and interactive ways of teaching, I was able to pass my test first time. Gerry teaches you how to be confident behind the wheel, he is brilliant at combining the theoretical and practical aspects of learning how to drive. I could not recommend him enough. I enjoyed the learning process a lot and could not have done it without Gerry’s valuable inputs. Thanks to Gerry and Simon Bell driving school for this memorable experience.
Vikas Raju


Just want to say a big massive thank you to James for helping me passing my test. He’s top notch n will get the bestrain out of you n show you how too drive to a high standard. Really well recommend 5stars James thank you !!
Gavin MacMillan

Just want to say a BIG thank you to my instructor Craig who helped me pass in no time! He was always so funny and motivated me in the car all the time! He is such a laugh and will miss him. My 2 hour lessons always flew every week. His friendly personality definitely made me feel comfortable and capable of driving to the best of my ability. He always encouraged me to pick myself up when I felt nervous and calmed me down when I was terrified for my test. I passed with only 2 minors! His teaching is unbeatable and would nonetheless recommend him to anyone looking for lessons in Seaham/Sunderland. Will certainly be recommending Simon Bell Driving to everyone I know. Thank you so much for being the funny, amazing teacher that you are Craig!!

Umarah, Seaham


I have been trying to pass my test for 5 years with various instructors and thanks to Raj, finally achieved it by passing my test yesterday! It was a major achievement for me. I had low confidence when I began lessons with Raj but he kept me focused, gave me confidence behind the wheel and above all kept me safe! He didn’t give up on me and was great company as well as a great instructor. Thank you Raj!

Lucy, Glasgow


Harry Thomson is the most pleasant, supportive and caring instructor I have come across. His giving me so much more than just a driving certificate, he has taught me how to be more independent and competent in myself. He has supported me and gave me continuous encouragement to get where I am today. I’ll always be thankful for all his patience and support. Thanks Harry, you are truly one of the best.

Ava Noofeli


I would just like to thank Harry!!! I passed my test yesterday (02.02.16) 1st time thanks to him. He can calm you when you feel stressed and motivate you when you feel down. I managed to pass with 30 hours of lessons having never sat in a car before and was so confident that i bought a car as soon as i booked my test. He made me laugh when I felt like crying and laughed at me when i was being a drama queen. I would tell anybody to look into booking with Harry and Simon Bell Mini as a company because they’re fantastic. Thank you so much!!!!

Ashley Ferguson


So happy to have passed my test first time with only 2 minors!! Adrian is a great instructor! He managed to put up with me. Adrian makes you feel very relaxed while driving. Lessons are well structured, clear and easy to understand. So flexible with lesson times as well, would definitely recommend Adrian as an excellent teacher to anyone! Adrian is a great instructor, great support and great value for money. Adrian is exactly what you need as an instructor. He is always calm and explains everything to you. He not only prepares you for the test, but helps you to become a confident safe driver! Highly recommend Simon Bell driving school in Glasgow!
Not only are they good for the practical but also the theory! Passed with pass mark of 96%

Taz, Glasgow


I just want to say a massive thank you to my driving instructor Harry. I managed to pass my test first time and I cant thank him enough. For a while my confidence held me back but Harry was really patient with me and kept working away on it to help me to feel at ease. I would recommend him to anyone and once again I cant thank him enough.

Sean Gartland, Baillieston


Just passed my test at Shieldhall first time thanks to the help of Wasim. Great instructor and always up for a laugh. Recommended. Thanks Wasim.

Patrick Hynes


I just wanted to leave a testimonial as I just passed thanks to the great instruction provided by Gerry.

I started out as somebody with zero experience and as I had just moved to Glasgow, was completely unfamiliar with the local area. Gerry has been patient and encouraging throughout and taught me all the skills I need to now feel a confident driver.

The lessons have been good value, well structured and never felt unnecessary – I feel like I’ve taken something away every time I’ve been in the car. Gerry has kept me motivated even when sometimes it felt like I wasn’t making progress, and kept me working hard so that today I passed with only 3 minors.

Highly recommended and a huge thanks to Gerry!

Matt Aishe, Glasgow


Just passed my driving test and I would like to thank my excellent instructor Harry. When I first contacted the driving school in late January, it only took a day for a first lesson to be arranged at a time that suited me. Having had a previous bad learning experience with another instructor, I was worried about this causing me problems but Harry put me at ease and dispelled my worries immediately. No question was too silly or worry too small. He works with his pupils at their own pace while also pushing them to the best of their ability and tailors each lesson to each pupils needs. I always felt like I was making progress as the feedback Harry gives after lessons highlights strengths and areas for improvement (never “weaknesses”!). His expertise and knowledge about driving and life in general is second to none and I’m so glad to have been taught by him. Harry doesn’t just teach his pupils to pass a test, he teaches them the skills to become safe drivers for life. Thanks to Harry’s teaching I managed to pass my test first time and have already recommended him and the school to friends. Already looking forward to Pass-Plus when I’ve got my car!

Joanna, Riddrie


Would definitely recommend this driving school, in particular John Kelly. I contacted Simon Bell driving school to arrange lessons and straight away I was contacted by John who was going to be my instructor. My lessons went great and I have just recently passed my test. John was very helpful and always made me feel calm and relaxed. He was very informative and drew out lesson plans and made sure I was comfortable and happy with what he was teaching. If I made any mistakes he would tell me to try again until I got it just right, which I found very good. John is a very happy, chatty man who wants the best for his students. I was so happy with the tuition that I recommend John to one of my friends who is now taking lessons with him. Thanks again John for putting up with me and all your help.

Melissa Bowie, Penilee


Hi, my name is Charlie and I have just passed my test with Simon Bell driving school. I would like to commend this school for providing such professional tutelage over the course of my training and would like to say a huge thank you in particular to my instructor Alison Mulligan. Alison’s friendly and encouraging attitude elevated my confidence and ability to a standard I wasn’t sure was possible and for that I am extremely grateful.
I would definitely recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn to drive and Alison in particular as an instructor, top class on both counts!
Charlie Irvine, Dennistoun


I can’t praise Alison enough, she is an excellent driving instructor and i would recommend her to a lot of people! It definitely helped a lot to have an instructor you can get along very well with, i thoroughly enjoyed my lessons because of this and even though i am so happy to have passed, i am going to miss our lessons….i am also impressed she could put up with my constant need to chat, well done Alison! Thank you!

Zoe Martina, Mansewood


I’ve just passed my test, and I can’t thank James enough for taking me all the way from the first time I set foot on the pedals. He was very patient with me as I tried to work around my confidence issues. He was highly encouraging, and never too critical – always trying to keep the mood light with conversation. I found this to really set my mind at ease and build up confidence, as I realised the only way to improve was to stop putting myself down and learn from my mistakes. I found myself learning all the manoeuvres relatively quickly because of his advice, and he was fair and helpful with feedback during our lessons. I cannot recommend him enough – James is a top teacher, and I will definitely be referring him to other learners in need of an instructor. Thanks again, James!!

Chris Thomson, Haghill


James was an excellent instructor, always very patient when a mistake was made, and made lessons as comfortable and as understandable as possible, good guy too, very easy to get along with, would highly recommend!

Declan, Cambuslang


Emailed Simon Bell and within a few hours I got a call back, he got me organised and ready for my instructor (also answered questions I had), within a day my Instructor Harry called me and got me booked in for a 2 hour lesson.

Harry was absolutely outstanding, the way he explained things (being dyslexic sometimes learning new things can be hard to process) and his mentoring is second to none. If you made any mistakes he wouldn’t shout at you or make you feel like an idiot, he always kept a cool head and answered every kind of question I had. I’d recommend this driving school to anyone who is looking to drive.

Gareth Thomas, Glasgow


I passed my test on the 31/01/14, 5 weeks after turning 17, incurring only 1 minor fault. I did a 25 hour intensive course with George Stallard as my instructor and I’d just like to emphasise what a fantastic instructor he is. He took me out on my birthday for an assessment lesson before deciding how many lessons I’d need and he was spot on. I’d been keen to drive from a young age and George made that happen. Infact, I was so confident that I’d pass with George that I bought a car after having only one lesson with him! I enjoyed each and every one of my lessons, feeling at ease throughout. He taught me everything I needed to know, with no time being wasted, leaving me feeling more than ready for my test. He was very accommodating considering I wanted to learn in a relatively short period of time. I’ll certainly be recommending George to my friends and anyone else who is eager to get on the roads. I consider myself a safe and confident driver as a result of having a great instructor, so thanks George!

Dylan Taylor, Cumbernauld


For anyone wanting to learn to drive I’d recommend this school and specifically John Kelly. I’m an impatient perfectionist which is probably slightly frustrating to teach at times, but John was always patient, direct and measured in his feedback (also often changing lesson plans ‘live’ to counter weaknesses etc) and most importantly managed to get me to conquer my own impatience and remain calm! Passed on my first attempt and will shortly be heading back to him for some motorway lessons.

David Ennis, Darnley


‘I passed my test last week. John Kelly is an excellent driving instructor. His instructions were clear, concise and astute. He is a very good instructor.’

Martin Rennie, Glasgow


George is one of the best people I have ever met and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I am really happy that I chose to learn to drive with George and I feel very confident on the roads thanks to George. He helped me to get through my test despite being extremely nervous and I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my license. A genuinely nice guy with a great sense of humour and a really great attitude towards his job, George was a fantastic instructor and I enjoyed my time with him.

David Fletcher, Airdrie


I passed my test in May after 4 months of lessons, I am not the easiest person to deal with as I am not great at taking criticism and can be quite snappy at times, however, Liam deal well with that and was patient! He made sure I was 100% before I sat my test and I managed to pass 1st time without a single fault (clean sheet I believe it’s called)! I would defo recommend him!

Brian Gilmartin, Glasgow


I was by no means a natural driver when I first started and took a while to pick things up but Simon was patient with me and made sure my confidence didn’t drop. Even after an enforced break in the middle of learning simon was quick to get me back on track and gave me the belief to push on and pass my test and I haven’t looked back since. Would recommend him to both new and returning learners.

Steven Taylor, Shawlands


I just passed my test first time with George as my instructor. He is a great teacher, straight to the point, and I’m happy I chose him as my instructor

Corey Sheridan


After several years of stopping and starting driving lessons I began lessons with Harry and within 7 weeks I have passed my test! He assessed me on our first lesson and though I was willing to book a block of lessons, Harry advised me I wouldn’t need as many as that. He focused on the areas I was weaker in and above all, helped me be more confident about my driving.I would highly recommend Harry to any new learner as I found him patient and encouraging as well as having a very positive style of teaching. He was honest enough to advise me that I needed far less lessons than I had anticipated when other instructors may have allowed me to pay for unnecessary tuition.
Harry Thomson is the best driving instructor I have had and I believe my success in passing first time is due to him!

Martin McLeod, Carntyne


After ten years of on-and-off driving practice I finally passed my test this week and it is all thanks to the brilliant Alex Gordon! After multiple test fails under another instructor (who I have come to realise was vastly incompetent), my confidence was at rock bottom when I began lessons with Alex. He quickly managed to turn things around and taught me how drive properly, with confidence. He has the patience of a saint and is a genuinely lovely chap to spend time with. I honestly never thought this day would come – I am we’ll and truly over the moon! I now realise the importance of finding an really great driving instructor of which Alex is definitely one. Alex, I can’t thank you enough!!

Kimberley Bright, Tollcross


I would like to thank Simon Bell driving school and my driving instructor Harry. Harry helped my to gain the confidence and techniques required to drive. I passed my test 1st time and can’t thank Harry enough. He is a excellent instructor 10/10 and makes you feel at ease on the roads. I would recommend Harry to anyone.

Bryan, Carntyne


“I had my driving lessons with George and passed my test first time on the 27th of August, George was a great and fantastic instructor, was always a good laugh and we got on well which helped me pass my test, as they say to pass the first time you need to learn from the best and I sure did, so a big massive thank you to George for getting me through my test first time”

Dominic Dougherty, Glasgow


“I would like to take the time to write and give George thanks, being honest it was my luck that i have come across George , he is an expert instructor who can simply teach new tricks to an old dog like my self ( i m not old but an older driver from a different world hahahaha ), on top of it for him its just like a piece of cake to teach new tricks to a young dogs  . He trained me in such a way that i managed to pass my test first time and you know you never forget your first kiss , first love and First time you pass your test  Hats off to George keep up the good work.”

Yaser Badar, Cambuslang


“Colin’s excellent, would recommend him to anyone, extremely patient makes you feel at ease, teaching skills are second to none. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!”

Mark Henderson, Glasgow


“big thank you to harry for getting me on the road .i was needing some lessons to get me up to test standards harry was honest and told me i only needed two or three lessons to brush up on my bad points i passed first time with one minor. he is a great guy with a easy going manner makes you feel at ease. i would highly recommend him to anyone so thanks again harry for all your help”

John Anderson, Castlemilk


“would just like to say a big massive thanks to James Durand for helping me pass my driving test today 11/06/13 i will be passing James details on to everyone i know who is going to take lessons as he is a great teacher and he takes the time to tell you what your doing wrong and how to fix it once again James thank you so much for helping me pass all the best for the future”

Andrew McIntosh, Royston, Glasgow


“Booked the 40 hour intensive course with Colin after previously having had a few lessons a few years ago with another company. Had picked up a few bad habits which Colin was able to quickly identify, explain clearly what I was doing wrong and help me correct. I’m a much more confident better driver now and passed my test first time! Would definitely recommend, cheers Colin!”

Jamie Coyle, Glasgow


I passed my test today, my driving instructor was Stephen Farrell. He was very reassuring and made me more confident to pass today. I would thoroughly recommend Simon Bell driving school again.

Irene Bennett, Glasgow


I would like to thank and recommend Stephen for his amazing one on one coaching as he has taken me to a first time pass on the 14 May 2013 and I would also like to recommend Simon Bell Mini to anyone thinking of driving as the rates where great

Brian Cusick, Glasgow


After giving up on lessons when I was 18, Not having the freedom of driving was beginning to drag me down. Playing in a band, looking to be able to get out of the city to play shows, it was really a necessity. I started lessons here with John Kelly, and straight of the bat I knew that this was it, I was going to pass my test. His lesson plan was well structured, and he was a pleasure to work with. Very patient and understanding, always looking out for what’s best for you. I’ve now passed my test and am finally able to get about myself. I would just like to say a huge thanks to John for all his hard work. Anyone looking to take up driving, or come back to it, don’t hesitate to do so with John. Life changing.

Tristan Dales, Glasgow


Well, he was right! …. He said I would pass, to have faith ….and I did!!

James is an excellent driving instructor. I had lessons with him a couple years ago and gave up due to personal circumstances but for the last couple months he had been teaching me again. I knew this time I had to pass, but I also know my nerves get the better of me. Every time I got something wrong I wanted to give up, thinking there was no way I would ever pass a test, but James is a good motivator and kept me going!

He was very patient with me, and explained things in a way I would understand and remember and when it came to test day I remembered everything he said!

I will be recommending James to anyone I know whos about to start lessons, already penciling in my sister who is 13 haha! Thanks for helping me pass James …. and for sometimes giving me a kick up the bum to keep going!!

Michelle Maxwell, Glasgow


James nagging and moaning defiantly pays off, i passed my test today first time – and that’s coming from someone that’s was driving on the wrong side of the road, this is definitely testament to James teaching methods and his patience and calming skills when he cans see nerves setting in

Jayson Monteith


I can’t thank Harry enough for his support, guidance and teaching to get me through my test. When I first started my lesson’s I was so scared I could hardly even sit in the car. It has been tough but so much fun. We have experienced tears, stress and loads of laughs. I just want to thank you so much for changing my life and helping me pass my test. You are a great teacher and a great support, anyone that has you as a an instructor is a lucky person! Thank you J

Shannon McMinn


Due to work re-location, I needed to return to driving after approximately 14 years of not having a car. All my previous driving experience was on rural roads on the Isle of Islay, so I was almost starting from scratch as I had no previous experience of driving in the city or on motorways. I started a refresher course earlier this year with John Kelly and would like to pass on my thanks to him for helping build my confidence and getting my driving skills back to a high level. The lessons were well structured, instructions were clear and everything was made easy to understand. I would recommend John to anyone who is either a beginner or returning to driving. Thanks again for all your help.

Roddy McAffer


“I would like to take the time to write to you and give George a big thumbs up for getting me through my driving test so quickly. Having had a few lessons previously in England I contacted Simon Bell driving as I had decided I was going to get through it as fast as possible. George took me out on a 2 hour assessment and told me that I could have my licence within a month if I get my theory out the way. I booked my theory and used the free online training that was provided by Simon (This is a great aid) After passing this I booked my test and took to the road with George for 3 days of intense driving, George was very relaxed and friendly he taught me everything I needed to know from safety to rules of the road. I sat my test on Tuesday 19th March just 23 days from the start of the process. I found that the training I received prepared me 110% and I was the first person my instructor had seen to have a clean sheet PASS (No minors) This was due to great instruction from George. If you are in the Moodiesburn area Glasgow or Airdrie give George a call you will pass in no time”

Iain Watson, Moodiesburn


“I was a pupil of James and passed my test on 19/02/2013. I just wanted to send you a message to let you know James is a brilliant driving instructor. He was always very patient and would always find ways to calm me down if I let myself get too worked up. James is very friendly and was able to identify my weaker areas of my driving ability and worked on enhancing them. James is a credit to your business and I will definetly be recommending him to my younger sister when she decides to start her lessons.”

Dexter Love, Glasgow


” I passed on 29/01/2013 i meant to put this up ages ago but i got tuition with John Kelly through Simon Bell and what an instructor he was best experience ever learning to drive with john and passed my test a lot quicker than expected. Best value for money as well i highly recommend this for anyone wanting to learn to drive. Excellent value excellent tuition.

Scott Asbury, Beith, Ayrshire


“I always believed that driving just wasn’t for me, I never felt that it came naturally and I did struggle with the little things. However without ALEX GORDON’s support and encouragement I would have given up a long time ago ! The man was a saint, so patient, friendly and assuring, he never gave up on me and thanks to him I passed FIRST TIME !!!!! would highly recommend him to anyone as he also helped my cousin pass first time !! He is the prefect instructor and even though I have now passed he still insists if I have any troubles, he’s just a phone call away. Totally supportive and a good laugh. Thankyou Alex !!! “

Jessica Barnes, Calton, Glasgow


‘I have just passed my test with James on 18/12/2012. James is very patient, he had to be with me. I was not the easiest pupil I imagine. I’m 32 and never though I would pass but after a few months of lessons with James I have passed. Thanks James for having belief in me even when I didn’t. I have already bought my first car and will be picking it up tomorrow. I’ll give James a call for my pass plus. Thanks again’

Deborah Keenan


“I really can’t recommend Gerry Lyall highly enough! I had started to learn to drive when I was younger but gave up the lessons for several years due to the fact that I found it stressful and would get very nervous. I didn’t return to learning to drive until I was 25 when I found Gerry on Simon Bell’s website. Gerry is definitely by far the best driving instructor I’ve ever had lessons with (and I’ve had lessons with quite a few!). He knew that I was a nervous learner and was incredibly patient and reassuring every time I made a mistake but he also pushed me enough so that I felt that I was progressing far quicker than I had with any other instructors. He didn’t let me dwell on my mistakes and get too stressed out which really helped and he always explained things really clearly and was very encouraging which helped my confidence so much. I now really enjoy driving and can thank Gerry for that completely!”

Helen McQuillan, Glasgow


“I just turned seventeen in October and I took an intense driving course with Harry. He was always encouraging and helped me the whole time. He always answered any questions and showed me how to improve on anything I needed. By December I passed my test, first time. He was a great teacher and I am grateful he taught me how to drive. Thank You!”

Deborah Laurie


“James was a great instructor. He was very patient and gave me time to learn. I’d like to say a massive thanks as I passed it first time on the 7/12/12 after about 30 lessons. I’d easily recommend James to anyone as he built my confidence and explained everything very thoroughly.”

Kyle, Glasgow


“”I passed my test first time a few months ago. My instructor Liam was patient, challenging and helped me with my weaknesses to allow me to build the confidence I needed whilst learning. He was a fab instructor and I have recommended him to others wishing to take lessons and pass their test with Simon Bell Driving School.””

Cathy, Glasgow


“I just wanted to commend Alex Gordon on his fantastic teaching. Working erratic shifts and trying to learn to drive in a short space of time should have been challenging. Alex was very flexible in arranging lessons, I began driving with a semi-intensive week and then progressed to weekly (or less frequent) lessons. I always felt at ease in the car with Alex, despite being of a naturally panicky disposition. Even though learning to drive can be very challenging, I always looked forward to my lessons with Alex, who is a patient and attentive instructor and always a good laugh. We went at just the right pace for me, I was always pushed just enough to keep me progressing but never did I feel unsafe or uneasy. Importantly, I also didn’t feel like we dragged things out, a problem that I’ve heard friends complain of with other instructors before. With working crazy hours, learning to drive has had a massive impact on my quality of life and without Alex’s superb teaching I’d still be at the bus-stop. Thanks!”

Madeleine May, Dennistoun, Glasgow


“I passed my test after just 12 weeks with John Kelly. John was very patient and understanding, working at a pace that suited me and helping to improve my confidence. He is a brilliant teacher, I highly recommend him and can’t thank him enough for helping me learn to drive”

Amanda Martin, Glasgow


“Just passed my test today with Stephen in springburn! Amazing driving instructor, would recommend him to everyone. Best instructor by far! I was stressing out about my test but he made me feel relaxed and confident with my driving. If you’re looking to start lessons definitely go with Stephen!”

Kelsey Reilly


“I have just passed my test first time with peter kelly ! He is a amazing driving instructor and if you go with simon bell pick peter !!!!!”

Karly MacIntyre


“I just passed my test this afternoon thanks to Alex!!! I changed instructors as I needed more intensive lessons and really had my eyes opened at how much more thorough Alex’s methods were. I had to learn under pressure in a small amount of time and Alex was wonderful. Patient, understanding, a good laugh and always had faith in my abilities, even when I didn’t. I will miss spending time with him on our lessons and HIGHLY recommend anyone to learn with him.”

Laurie Gardner


“I have just passed my driving test after taking lessons with John Kelly from Simon Bell school of driving . 17 years after failing my first test,i thought it was about time i tried again. i never thought i would hear the words” youve passed” come from an examiners mouth!! But thanks to the patience and excellent tuition from john ive done it ….still cant quite believe it . I got into johns car a nervous, blubbering wreck and left a confident qualified DRIVER . Cant say thankyou enough ! would recommend JOHN KELLY to anyone who feels at all nervous or anxious about learning to driving………………. i know he had to put up with me.”

Diane McConnell


“Just wanted to say thank you for giving Emma just the boost of confidence she needed to sit her test again …and pass. She’s delighted and is now talking about saving up for a mini. Will definately be in touch with you again when her younger brother is ready to start learning next year.”

Colin Wood, Bearsden


“The whole Simon Bell experience has been a pleasure. I began my lessons with Peter Kelly who is also a great guy but needed to change due to a change in my own personal circumstance and this was no issue. After a previous bad experience with a national driving school learning with the Simon Bell school was like a breath of fresh air! I needed to pass my driving test fast in order to progress with my career. My confidence behind the wheel was pretty low and I am overly critical of everything I do. With a lot of hard work, positive thinking and the guidance of Harry I passed my test first time! Harry is exceptionally perceptive and recognises your strengths and weaknesses easily adapting each lesson to help you celebrate the breakthroughs (no matter how small) in every lesson. Harry uses a variety of different teaching styles making every lesson different and enjoyable. He is very dedicated to his pupils and this shines through with his punctuality and the time he takes to get to know you. It’s not easy to fit in lessons around a full time job with changing shifts, however, Harry is always on hand and no time or day is an issue. You know you’re in safe hands with Harry and I’m now looking forward to taking the next steps with driving and my career! Thanks Harry, you’re a star!”

Ailsa Johnstone, Glasgow


“I’d like to say I absolutely loved my time driving with Alison and feel weird not seeing her every week however extremely thankful to her for her help, encouragement and confidence in me which resulted in my first time pass at Shieldhall on the 31st of August. I cannot recommend her enough and have already passed her number on! Thank you so much Alison. ”

Annam Pervaiz


“After changing jobs and realising, at 31, that I was going to need to learn to drive, I contacted Simon Bell and was immediately put in touch with Harry Thomson. Harry’s significant experience as an instructor is obvious when you first meet him and this not only gave me confidence as soon as I set foot in the car, but also allowed him to structure the lessons so that I was improving at a pace which was steady enough to allow me to develop good technique and quick enough to keep me interested and challenged. Harry was able to spot where I needed a bit of work and gradually improve those areas, often without me even realising. I booked my test after my first lesson with Harry and sat my test a month later, passing with two minors. When I sat my test I was surprised how easy it felt compared to a normal lesson with Harry (he knew I preferred to be worked hard on my lessons!) and now that I’m on the road every day I am really grateful that Harry was preparing me for life as a driver, not just passing the test. Harry is a patient instructor and a great guy, I wasn’t once bored on a 2 hour lesson! I can thoroughly recommend Harry as an instructor, and Simon Bell Driving School for its professional approach.”

Steven Beattie, Glasgow


“I recently passed my test and I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Alex Gordon. He is a fantastic instructor, makes everything seem so simple, and is extremely patient with you. He really makes an effort to get to know you and make you feel comfortable in the car. By the end he felt more like a friend than an instructor. He always did as much as he could to accommodate you and was always on time for every lesson. He explained the manoeuvres very clearly and if you made a mistake he would ask you what you thought was wrong with it instead of him just telling you. I have a habit of getting flustered if I do something wrong but Alex always reassured me that everyone makes mistake; he was also very courtesy with other drivers – thanking them if I made a mistake or anything. He said right from the start that he didn’t want it to get to the stage where you dreaded going on a lesson, he wanted them to be fun and enjoyable and they definitely were. I would like to thank Alex very much for helping me to pass my driving test, I am really glad I passed with you, going to miss our weekly driving lessons – will definitely recommend you to any of my friends or family!”

Zoe Thompson, Garthamlock


“I just finished my 2 week intensive course with Peter today and passed my test 1st time! Peter was an excellent instructor and really made me feel at ease; when I was getting frustrated with myself he knew what to say to keep me calm! He was really patient and explained everything in a clear and understandable way which made even the trickiest of manoeuvres seem easy!! I would highly recommend Peter to other learner drivers cause he’s great!”

Lesley Tait


“I have just passed today and its all down to PETER KELLY. I cannot thank Peter enough for all the hard work he has put into helping me pass. I’m pretty simple when it comes to picking up new things and my confidence levels were really low, but Peter acknowledged this and made learning to drive easy to understand and had every faith in me at all times. I had booked block lessons with the idea of passing quickly but due to my hectic life it didn’t work out that way but Peter was more than happy to let me rearrange my lessons which not many people would do. I also noticed while out driving many other instructors had their pupils pull up at the side of the road for a long time but when you book your lessons with Peter you get ALL your time out driving. I would highly highly highly recommend Peter to anyone wanting to learn to drive he makes driving easy for even the simplest of people like me Thanks again Peter.”

Kathleen Wilson, Parkhead


“I just recently passed my test with Peter Kelly, Peter is a great instructor. And getting me through my test with 9 lessons (after taking more else where and failing) Peter was helpful from the first lesson to the last. Peter listens to the pupil, and takes their worrie and feelings on board but encourages them to the point where I cant see how anyone would fail with this guy. Out of the four or five instructors i have had, Peter is the only one that I would recommend. He is dedicated to you, and will give you the invaluable instructions in a way that you can understand and get you through your test. One of the best things is that unlike some instructors Peter is always smiling and his chat can help you relax on that very important day. Request Peter when you email or call and Im sure you will get through your test too.Thanks for everything Peter!!”

Rob Thomson


“I did 20 hours intensive lessons with Alex and passed my test 30/4/12. This guy is a saint, his patience and understanding is unbelievable. He will do anything to make you feel at ease and comfortable. I dont think i could have passed without his support. Thanks so so much! Top guy.”

Sinead Crawley, Glasgow


“Peter was a very encouraging instructor! He always knew how to help and was very patient with my manoeuvres. He was always happy and is really easy to talk to, he gave me the confidence to sit my test and helped me pass!! I would recommend Peter Kelly to anyone. Thanks peter!”

Katrina Scott, Haghill.


“Simonbell driving school is a great place to learn how to drive. Alex was my instructor and he is a top instructor and top guy,not only do you learn but also enjoy it hes a funny guy and gets you through as quick as you can. I would recomend Simonbell and Alex to anyone. Thanks a lot for everything Simon bell and Alex”

Rhobbie Whilkie, Glasgow


“Having passed my driving test on February 9th 2012, a big thank you goes to Peter Kelly, the instructor who taught me. Peter is both patient and professional. I only completed 15 lessons before I was ready to sit my test. I believe a big part of passing so quickly was to do with the confidence Peter gave me on the road and as a result, I picked up driving in no time. I highly recommend Peter Kelly and I will continue to pass on his name to other people for driving lessons.

Conor Brady, Baillieston, Glasgow


“I couldn’t have wished for a better driving Instructor in John Kelly (Paisley). He made me feel at complete ease, built my confidence on the busier roads, mastered my manoeuvre’s and had me test ready in no time. I would highly recommend anyone to use John.”

Kevin Park, Erskine


“When I set about looking for a driving instructor, I decided to settle for the Simon Bell Driving School, and it turned out to be an excellent choice. I was very promptly put in touch with my prospective instructor: Stephen Farrell. We started lessons soon after, and I found Stephen to be a patient and a thoroughly competent tutor, inspiring confidence in me from the very first lesson. With his help, I quickly felt comfortable behind the wheel and started learning seemingly ‘complicated’ skills with surprising ease. Steve is not only an accomplished teacher, but also a very affable guy with a fine eye for how people think and act on the roads. Thus, now I’d always look out for that rash driver on a Friday evening having a fight with his girlfriend, or, watch out for the school kids darting across the road at lunch. Steve keeps saying “Keep yer cool, keep yer calm” (his other pupils would recognise that) and I did just that during my test and passed; both instructor and pupil were very chuffed! I do miss my classes, proud that I am of my red licence  Thanks so much for all your hard work Steve, you are an exemplary instructor and a friend too.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Simon Bell Driving School and Stephen Farrell to one and all. Cheers!”

Soumi Dey, Kirkintilloch


“I want to thank Peter Kelly for helping my pass my driving test this month! I passed 1st time thanks to him. Peter is helpful, calm, teaches you well and gives you confidence on the road. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start there lessons.”

Jennifer Dow, Garrowhill, Glasgow


“.I just passed my test today first time and it’s all thanks to Alex!He is such a great instructor and I cannot thank him enough for his help! He breaks down everything so it is really simple and easy to understand, I don’t think I would have passed first time had it been for him. I still can’t believe it and I will really miss Alex’s he is such a pleasure to be around”

Lisa McQuade, Glasgow


“I recommend Alex to anyone wanting to learn to drive, after only a year taking driving lesson I passed my test first time all thanks to Alex’s guidance. I enjoyed learning with Alex and would like to thank him for all his help. From my first lesson I was given such encouragement to become confident in my driving. All manouvers was explained with simple techinques which made lessons enjoyable. Thank you Alex!”

Melissa Hutchison, Glasgow


Peter is very patient and explains things exceptionally well.  Peter puts you at ease from your very first lesson,  I couldnt have asked for a better instructor my lessons were always prompt and full of fun.  I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Peter to anyone.”

Natalie Hughes, Baillieston


“Having just passed my test with Simon Bell Driving School, I would like to thank my instructor Peter Kelly who’s patience and skill got me through. I would recommend Peter as he is a fantastic instructor, he’s friendly, good humoured and easy to talk to. His effective but relaxed teaching style worked well for me. Overall it was a pleasant experience and great value for money.”

John Metcalfe, Glasgow.


“Simon Bell mini is the place to go to pass your driving test with ease! Peter was very helpful and patient with me. Even though it took me a while to get the hang of one of the maneuvers, Peter stuck with me until I was totally confident with it. And I ended up passing after 25 lessons! I totally recommend Simon Bell driving school to everyone!“

Hazel Montgomerie, Riddre


“I have just passed my test recently and took my lessons with Simon. I had previously done lessons with a different instructor, but I was unhappy with them and stopped for 3/4 months. I eventually got back to my lessons after hearing good things about Simon. I was nervy and lacked a lot of confidence, but he really helped me and I was getting better and better in no time. He was always very patient and friendly. Always had a good chat and a laugh during lessons which made them even better. I passed on my 3rd try, due to me being a bag of nerves the first and second time, but Simon always encouraged me not to give up and keep at it. Simon is a cracking instructor and I have already recomended him to many of my mates wanting to start doing lessons. Top guy… Howay the lads!”

Ryan Stewart, Shettleston


“Stephen is a great instructor, always calm and helpful. Lessons were always really good and I passed my test this morning with only 1 minor! All thanks to Stephen really. Thank you for your hard work”

Laura McKernan,


“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Peter who after 5, 2 hour lessons helped me pass my test first time!!! Peter is a top guy, he is understanding, patient and believes in you when you feel your having a bad day on the road.I would recommend others to start driving lessons with peter, you are definitely on your way to passing first time with the help he has to offer! The coolest driving instructor out there”

Shelley, City Centre Glasgow


“Alex was recommended to me by my two sisters and the school was also recommended to me by a friend. Alex is a great instructor. From the first lesson Alex gave me the confidence to handle and drive a car. Over the course of my lessons, Alex provided an enjoyable learning environment and explained all aspects of driving, from gears to manoeuvres, in easy to understand steps. Booking and arranging lessons with Alex is very easy and he always strives to accommodate you into his week. As soon as Alex felt I was ready for my test he told me to book it and explained all aspects of it to me. His methods clearly work as I passed first time and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. I will be recommending Alex to anyone who asks me who to learn with.”

David Watson MSc BEng (Hons), Cranhill/City Centre, Glasgow


“I passed my test last month after an intensive course with James and I felt completely at ease during his lessons.  He was very understanding, laid back and friendly and he talked through manoeuvres with a lot of detail.  Everything was taken at my own pace and James also gave me a lot of helpful tips for after I had passed my test.  I’d like to thank James for everything and I would strongly recommend him to take lessons with”

Sara, Cambuslang


“My name is Rachael and I have just completed my intensive course and passed yesterday, 1st December 2011.  I would like to thank my instructor John Kelly for getting my to test standard so quickly. I completed a 30-hr intensive course over 2 weeks and I could not have passed without John’s strict but relaxed guidance. Although it was my test I believe my success in passing was solely down to John. I would recommend him to anyone interested in an intensive course and I would also recommend the driving school. Thank you John”

Rachael Gibbs, Helensburgh


I recently passed my driving test & I would like to thank Peter Kelly who helped me achieve this. I had taken lessons with a different instructor and was unhappy with my progress therefore stopped for a year. I decided to go back to my lessons and booked a 5 hour course with Peter, straight away he helped me re-gain my confidence on the road and I felt more at ease and happier with my driving. Peter is very patient, friendly and has a great sense of humour which makes the lessons more enjoyable. If I was ever having a bad lesson Peter would always have a pick me up with his general chit chat and memorable stories to cheer me back up. I was particularly worried about my maneuvers but Peter explained things more clearly and understanding which made them so easy and simple. Peter was always able to fit me into his schedule, always arrived on time and always made my lessons profitable. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! I would & will recommend Peter to anyone looking to take lessons. I’m now also looking into taking the pass plus course.. looking forward to it ”

Ashley Milne, Springboig


“I recently passed my driving test with George Stallard and I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! George has a wonderfull personality and makes you feel totally relaxed and explains everything so its easy to understand. I would highly recommend George to anyone learning to drive, he certainly needed some patience teaching me! I left with a pass and a friend for many years to come.”

Katie Hall, Abington


“I Passed my test yesterday, and I just want to say that James is an Amazing instructor. He could tell my strengths and weaknesses right from the get-go.He made me feel calm behind the wheel, with either jokes or stories. I will definitely be taking my Pass Plus with him. =)”

Daniel, Baillieston


“I have just completed a 30hr intensive course with Alex and passed my test 1st time! I first started my driving lessons 11 years ago and unfortunately half way through I was a passenger in a bad motorway crash.  I was left badly injured and a very nervous car passenger.  Needless to say I didn’t take the lessons back up afterwards. 11 years and 2 children later I decided that it was now or never.  I googled for driving lessons in my area and Simon Bell Mini came up.  Once I spoke to Simon he put me in touch with Alex, I don’t think Simon could have given me a better instructor. Alex was never late, he always explained things so simply it was very difficult to get them wrong.  He was always there with reassurance and if you made a mistake he would ask YOU what you done wrong instead of just telling you, I found this helped me to learn better.  Alex was a lovely man to be around (you have to get along with your instructor if you plan on spending 30 hours with him over 2 weeks and in a confined space!) we always had a laugh during lessons but it never distracted him or me from what we were actually doing, Alex wouldn’t allow it to.”

Jacqueline Barnes, Calton, Glasgow


“I have just passed my driving test with John Kelly and want to thank him for helping me along the way. I had lessons and a test around 4 years ago with a different instructor, failed and didn’t go back to driving until recently. I booked a 20hr course and test with John and began to sit lessons. His instructions and tuition were very easy to understand, clear and precise. He immediately picked up on my bad driving habits and turned my driving skills around so much that I passed my test easily with a clean sheet, NO MINORS! John Kelly is a great instructor I will recommend to everyone I know.”

Gary Moore, Paisley


“I recently passed my test with Alex Gordon. He’s a brilliant instructor and  helped me gain confidence on the road quickly. All the manoeuvres were put so simply I wondered why everyone else I knew who was learning to drive  were complaining about them! He was recommended to me by my big sister and I know why! I would always look forward to a driving lesson with Alex, the chat was great and we always had a laugh. Definitely going to miss him and the chat, I’ve had a great time learning with him, I’d recommend him to everyone!”

Alexandra Watson, Cranhill, Glasgow


“I passed my test a while ago with Craig, I changed from one instructor to Craig and found that I understood more with him and things were done one step at a time. Craig is a very polite and a very good instructor and would recommend him to anyone who wants to take driving lessons“

Rachel Hamilton, Benwell, Newcastle


“I recently passed my test first time with Peter Kelly. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Peter helped me out a lot especially with maneouvres and was quick to help me kick out my small mistakes and help me become a confident driver. He made me relax on every lesson with general chit chat and stories of the past. He was very patient with me & praised me at the right times. Peter was recommended to me and I now know why! I will continue to recommend him to anyone looking to learn. Thanks again!!”

Gerard Watt, Carntyne, Glasgow


“Alex is a superb instructor, He makes everything so clear, installs confidence in you by putting the things you do wrong right and letting you know what your doing well. To be honest he felt more of a friend than an instructor. He is so funny and makes you feel so comfortable. Even before the test he calmed me down and I wasn’t nervous at all, which you will realise is so important to your test performance. I want to say a big thank you to Alex because I honestly doubt I would have passed if it wasn’t for him. I recommend him to everyone ! Thank you Alex.”

Cameron Wilson, Glasgow


“Would like to thank Stephen as he managed to give me the confidence to pass first time and made me feel comfortable in the car enough to carry that driving style on after passing! Was a great experience and a good laugh as well. Would recommend him to anyone as he is a great bloke to get along with. Cheers again Stephen!“

Marc Howlett


“I have recently finished an intensive 30 hr course, with instruction from Peter in Glasgow. Peter is an extremely good instructor, I have used others before however it is him I will be recommending in the future. I found his instruction style easy to follow and he displays great patience during lessons – with no question too obscure or stupid! Lesson times were flexible and the time in each lesson was used to its fullest- geared to improving your week areas, without neglecting the other disciplines required in the test.“

Alasdair Magill, Dennistoun, Glasgow


“After several lessons with red over a year ago i felt i was going nowhere, after a year i cam across simon bell online and booked my lessons, with every lesson i felt more confident and such great value for money. My instructor john kelly coached me for my test and within 3weeks i had my pass certificate. Ive recommended to all my friends”

Rylie, Pollokshields, Glasgow


“After giving up on my lessons as a teenager I was determined to learn to drive but was nervous about starting them after so long.  A friend of mine recommended Simon and now I know why.  He has the patience of a saint and made my lessons as relaxed as possible.  I can’t say I lost my nerves completely but thanks to Simon I managed to overcome them for my test and I couldn’t be happier! Excellent value for money as I felt ever lesson really made a difference.  I’ll be praising Simon Bell Driving School for a long time!”

Gemma McFarlane, Battlefield,  Glasgow


“As a beginner and also foreign student, I never thought I can pass my driving test so quickly. Thanks to my instructor Alex, he always describes things not only accurately but also easy to be understood. In my home country, we drive on the right side of roads. It always confused me at the beginning, however Alex has managed to help me build my confidence, and finally improve my driving skills to meet the needs of test standard. I will definitely recommend Alex to be your instructor without hesitation!”

Lin Lui, New Gorbals, Glasgow


“I passed my test first time with Alex, who couldn’t be a better instructor. Calm, patient and professional. He broke everything down and made things as simple as possible plus he was great to chat too. As a poor student I appreciated how much bang I got for my buck, as every lesson as I felt great leaps in confidence and skill. I couldn’t recommend Alex and Simon Bell enough!”

Peter Walker, Dennistoun, Glasgow


“Would like to give a massive thank you to Steven for getting me ready for my test. Passed first time absolutely delighted! Started taking lessons at the end of February and that’s me passed already (beginning of August) Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor, always managed to keep me motivated…especially at the times when I thought I was never going to get the hang of driving! Would without a doubt recommend Steven to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons, he’s great at what he does and also very easy to get along with which is always a bonus! Thanks again Steven ”

Carol MacPhee, Scotstoun, Glasgow


“Having recently just passed my test – I just want to say a big thank you to my instructor Peter, for his patience and guidance throughout my lessons and leading up to my test. He explained things clearly and gave me a huge confidence boost when I needed it. He also has a good sense of humour and he’s very easy to get on with.He is an asset to the company, and I would have no problem reccommending him to anyone!”

Catherine, Glasgow


“After having two previous instructors who had put me off learning I noticed Simon’s car in the area a lot and decided to try learning again.  Was the best decision I made. Simon made my lessons very enjoyable.  He has the patience of a saint (he needed to be teaching me) and he explains everything clearly. I didn’t pass 1st time but that was nothing to do with Simon’s teaching it was to do with my performance on the day!  I will definitely recommend Simon to anyone I know who is looking to take lessons.  Thanks so much Simon, will miss my lessons with you! “

Kristeen, Baillieston


”Huge thank you to Alison for getting me through my test today. I cant thank her enough for her support and help over the past few months! I will be recommending the school to anyone I know looking for lessons. All the best for future Alison!!! ”

Simead Kenny, Glasgow


“I recently passed my test on first attempt with Peter, and in one word he’s a LEGEND! He was incredibly patient, friendly and kind. He never put you down for mistakes and made learning to drive a great experience. He put your needs first, makes you feel very comfortable and has a good sense of humour. I was convinced I could not pass my driving test, and Peter always reassured me and gave me a huge confidence boost. The lessons were reasonably priced, often great value, and Peter was never late! His car is also clean and comfortable. Peter always made the lesson a laugh and he was a brilliant teacher, I’d recommend him to everyone I know. Thanks Peter for all your help!.”



“I just passed my driving test first time and Steve has been great all through. He spotted my weakness from the begining and kept encouraging me to build my confidence. He has been very supportive, patient, understanding, encouraging and always there to sort out any issues I had. He always had a story to use to calm my nerves and make me feel at ease each time I was nervous; It’s been great learning through you Steve. Thank you very much and I will definitely recommend any one learning to drive to you.”

Eugene, Maryhill Road


“I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to my driving instructor Craig as I have just passed my driving test today thanks to him and his patience. Although it was third time lucky for me he is an amazing driving instructor and very funny I don’t remember a lesson were I haven’t laughed he gave me all the support and knowledge I needed to be a good driver although I shouted at him a lot and argued with him he gave me the confidence I needed. I will miss him in the car and I would recommend him to anybody thinking of taking lessons.”

Joanne, Hartlepool


“Peter was an excellent instructor and I’d be happy to recommend him to anyone about to start taking driving lessons. His patience was truly incredible and he keeps incredibly calm during any near misses and gently tells you what you did wrong and how to avoid a similar situation. Peter had such a calming influence on me that I actually began to enjoy driving and to this day I remember everything he taught me. I am over the moon I have passed and I owe it all to Peter. Thanks!”

James Taylor, Uddingston


“Peter is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is very patient, funny and helped me feel more confident in my driving. With his great advice I was able to improve my manoeuvres which I constantly felt worried about doing. I’ll continue to recommend Peter to anyone who wants to start driving lessons. I passed my driving test which I thought I’d never be able to do and it’s all down to Peter! Thanks Peter.”

Emma, Garrowhill


“After having a couple of lessons a few years ago, I felt like I was getting no where with my previous instructor.  So I thought after all this time it was now or never to get back into it.  I booked an intensive coarse and my driving instructor Peter Kelly was amazing, I’m just sorry I never had him as my instructor years ago.  He fitted me into his busy schedule and has the patience of a saint.  Even when I felt like giving up peter always gave you the confidence to keep on going.  The way that he explained manoeuvres made them seem so easy and simple, he never let you give up.  Peter always made you feel at ease throughout your lessons and when it came to doing my test, although the nerves kicked in as like everyone else peter completely made feel calm.  I managed to pass first time, and cant thank peter enough for everything he did.  He is a fantastic instructor.”

Claire Howitt, Oatlands, Glasgow


“I have just passed my test, on the first of November with my instructor George Stallard. And I would like to take this opportunity to say  how much I enjoyed learning too drive with George. George is an extremely gifted instructor whom  made learning to drive as fun and stress free as possible. George has a very receptive and friendly personality; as well as a tremendous knowledge and passion of his profession which comes across in every lesson. He gave me the distinct impression that rather than a simple learner-instructor relationship; that it was instead very much a team and joint effort in achieving the objective of learning to drive. George has a an excellent sense of humour and is a wonderful character whom made going for a lesson something to look forward too. Despite only knowing George for a relatively short period of time, I am confident in saying that we will stay in touch for many years to come. And I would be happy to recommend George to anyone looking to learn how to drive in an enjoyable manner.”

Daniel Hall


“After giving up on a bad instructor when I was 17 then having go with a new instructor last year I was beginning to give a hope…then George took over and sorted me right out. I was an absolute bundle of nerves when I started with George. But now a grand total of 8 years since I first got my provisional licence and I have just passed on my second attempt (much better than expected!!). I took the new test on October 4th and to be honest the independent driving section didn’t faze me in the slightest as George had prepared me really well. I never in a million years thought that even if I eventually managed to pass my test that I would actually be a confident driver- but I am! That is another major achievement for me and I am so grateful to George for everything he has taught me.”

Arleen Cameron


I took about 30 lessons with George and i am very grateful as i passed my test first time. Right from the beginning George was friendly, helpful and supportive. He is a very relaxed and down to earth guy, and i am positive that without his encouragement and all round good nature it would have taken me several times before i passed my test. If you are looking for a respecting instructor with good experience and integrity then this is your man for the job. Again, thanks very much George!”

Sean, Uddingston


After 3 attempts at my driving test 4 years ago i gave up hope of being able to drive i moved to a new area and decided a few months ago to give it another try .i took lessons with Alex and right from the start he gave me the confidence to believe in myself the lessons were well planned and the manouvres shown in a very simple way .i passed my test three weeks ago after the first attempt with Alex in one word Alex is amazing i have already started my son with Alex and will be starting my other son in February thanks for everything Alex really couldn’t have done it without you  ”

Amanda Reid, Gartcosh


“After many lessons I was let down by a previous driving instructor and saw no hope of passing until peter offered to help me. He managed to fit me into his hectic schedule for lessons that suited me. He totally built my confidence in every lesson when i began to doubt myself or if nerves got the better of me, which was usually the case! He has the patience of a saint, especially during manoeuvres when you can never just get it quite right! He was very reliable and explained things to me in way that i could understand them on my own. If i ever felt that things just weren’t going right in the lesson, he had some memorable stories to tell which would cheer me up! I would highly recommend Peter to any new learners, his teaching skills are fantastic and i just wish i started my lessons with him! Thank you so much very everything!

Jennifer, Glasgow


Hi i started taking lessons with George in march over the past few months i have took a total of 24 lesson and i passed my test
When i met George he made me feel relaxed from the very first lesson right at the start to the end when i was lot more confident with my driving he told me to book and study for my theory to get it over with George taught me everything at a very relaxed pace that’s how i was able to pick it up really quick If i was ever stuck at anything George explained and simplified it for me so i could understand it a lot better I would say George is a funny guy and he’s a really nice person and i would like to thank him and i would recommended him to anyone that’s looking for an enjoyable experience”

Craig, Easterhouse


“I had been on lessons before and i wasn’t successful on my test. Stephen kindly fitted me in with my next test only a few weeks away. He is an excellent instructor. He is patient and kind. Any areas where i had difficulty he was great at being both professional and strict on getting me to overcome these obstacles. I am over all very pleased with the lessons i had and they were money well spent! I would recommend Stephen to anyone looking to take lessons as i am confident that with Stephen his experience and skills, you are sure to pass first time!!!

A Gilgis


“I have just passed my diving test after a weeks intensive course with Peter. I would recommend him to anybody thinking of taking lessons. He’s excellent at explaining procedures and makes things very easy to understand. His relaxed and patient style of teaching is perfect for giving learner drivers confidence in their ability. Peter has a good sense of humour and is really easy to get along with, making him the perfect teacher! I would like to thank him for all his help and support during the week and the fact that I passed my test at the end is testament to his teaching abilities.”

David, Provanmill


“I did a three week 30hr driving course with Stephen and passed my test first time with no previous experience.  Stephen was an excellent instructor, who provided tuition in a calm and comfortable manner.  He corrected errors immediately and made sure they would not occur again. He was very honest and patient and worked hard with me to build up my confidence and get me ready for the test. He managed to fit me in for lessons at short notice and arranged them around my schedule. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor and would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive.Thank you!”

Kirsten Hamilton, Cumbernauld


“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I passed my driving test on my 1st attempt. I would like to thank your Driving School and Harry for the amazing service you provide. Harry is an amazing instructor.I had driven before a couple of times but had my confidence knocked by an overcritical Ex-Boss. Harry got to the bottom of it and built my confidence back up. I felt I improved really fast and its all down to how hard he works. The way he teaches makes every manoeuvre and procedure seem easy after a few tries.
I’m really glad that I have not learnt to drive until now as I know I would not of had as good an experience as I have with Simon Bell Mini and Harry. ”

Andrew, Glasgow


“Just passed with my test with Alex this morning and it was all thanks to him! Alex is a great instructor who I see more as a friend than instructor lessons felt like a catch up with one of your mates he gives you confidence and belief in yourself that you can pass never loses patience with you and has all the time in the world for you. I would recommend him to anyone as he is great at what he does!! :O)”

Colette, Sandyhills


“I’d just like to thank Peter for helping me to pass my test. He explained everything in a quiet and relaxed manner that made driving easy. Without hesitation i would recommend him to any learner driver who is nervous and wanting to be taught by a patient driving instructor.”

Kevin Argue


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Peter for getting me through my driving test today!  He has been the most patient driving instructor and gave me some good laughs along the way too, which really made me feel at ease! I was such a nervous learner driver…. but a few good tips from Peter got me through in end!”

Danielle McLuckie, Glasgow


“It has been 4 weeks since I passed my test first time and I have been so busy driving around that I haven’t had a chance to write this testimonial.  I had a weeks intensive course with Peter which I thoroughly enjoyed! He was extremely patient and very helpful.  His tips on doing the manoeuvres were invaluable.  He was very positive and geniuinely nice.  As I said I passed first time which I didn’t think would happen so I am extremely grateful to Peter.  I would definitely recommend this company as I have been on a couple of lessons a few years ago with a well known company and Peter was a far better instructor.  He was very relaxed and far more helpful than the others.

Jennifer Hamilton, Dennistoun


“I just passed my test and it was all down to Peter! Not only did he help me to pass first time but I managed to do it in just under 3 months following the semi-intensive course. Even when I began to doubt myself Peter gave me the confidence that I could do it. He has a great teaching technique, very patient and has the best way of dealing with manoeuvres, even the dreaded reverse round a corner. And if things start to go a bit pear shaped when you’re out driving (as they occasionally do when you’re learning) Peter will have a funny story up his sleeve to cheer you right back up. Great guy, great instructor! Thank you so much!’

Sophie, Glasgow


“Craig is a fantastic instructor. He is very patient and gave me all the help I needed to learn. I would like to thank Simon and Craig for fitting me in at such short notice.”

Sumeet Nag, Glasgow


“I would like to thank James Durand for the time and understanding he afforded me. I passed my test  over 20yrs ago, and  I  did not spend a lot of time driving in between, so I was nervous to say the least.  James put me at ease and as a result I regained  my confidence, apart from learning a few new things, I  now can sit behind the steering wheel  with  ease.”

Myra  Carntyne


“Just wanted to say that the driving instruction that I received was in my opinion superior to those I had encountered before. I found my instructor patient, reliable and able to explain things in a way I understood and made sure I was able to grasp them on my own. I passed my test after 5 months of lessons on my first attempt! Cheer Simon! ”

Jude Woodward, Lambhill


“i would like to thank peter for helping me pass my driving test, he helped me through my lessons and gave me loads of confidence if it wasn’t for peter i would have taken a lot longer to pass. it was just sheer luck that i came across simon bell mini while i was doing a quick search on the internet, it must have been my lucky day as in my opinion i found the most brilliant, patient, out going person that i could have hoped for. he explains everything clearly and accurately. peter i give u 11/10, thank u very much for all your help u were like a mate to me.”

Robert Gorbals


”I started my driving lessons with Stephannie she got me passed in only 11 lessons she is a very good driving instructor i enjoyed every minute. She makes you feel  very confident and always give’s you a boost. A passed first time with her , so a would  highly recommend her she is really a good laugh and very patient person. She explained things really well and had excellent teaching skills when explaining and guiding me through my manoeuvres.”

William, Cranhill


“Alex is an excellent instructor, he explained everything efficiently and made things very easy to understand. He gave me alot of encouragement and praise which helped me feel alot more confident in my own ability. He was very genuine and was like a friend think Alex knew my full life story in just over 30 hours of lessons. In the end i passed 1st time to mine and his delight, i will certainly recommend learning to drive with Alex he’s a great guy not to mention a fantastic driving instructor. Thanks for everything Alex!!!!!”

Alana, Parkhead


“After a hopeless start with a previous driving school, I crossed paths with Peter and Stephannie. Peter was quick to get me on the road and build my confidence. He has a great personality, is so easy to get on with and explained everything well. He is very patient and encouraging and got me through my test 1st time. Can’t praise him and thank him enough, cheers Peter!”

Lauren, Motherwell.


“I started driving lessons with Alex and knew i would finish with him. He took great care in planning your lessons and manouvers as you progressed and always made you feel comfortable with a positive attitude and a great sense of humour. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Alex and would like to thank him for helping me pass my test just a few days ago and would recommend him to any person looking for a fantastic instructor! ”

Ryan, Baillieston


“I want to thank both Danny and Peter for teaching me to drive. I did a 30 hour intensive course with Danny during the summer and thought it was worth every penny. Although I never passed first time I only needed a few extra lessons to pass. Peter continued my lessons after Danny left the driving school and I couldn’t have asked for two nicer instructors. Both were very patient and encouraging and Peter has a knack of explaining manouvers – it seems so simple!!  Anyway thank you both of you I would recommend you to everyone! Glad I chose to learn with Simon Bell!!”

Julia Bridgeton


“I passed my test last week thanks to Peter. When I went on my first lesson I was really nervous as I had never driven before but Peter made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He was very patient with me and friendly. He explained things really well and had excellent teaching skills when explaining and guiding me through my manoeuvres. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone that is going to take lessons as he was a true professional”

Rebekah, Bridgeton


I can’t praise Peter highly enough for helping me pass my test.  If you are a nervous driver (like I was), or your confidence on the road isn’t great, Peter is the ideal instructor. I don’t know where he gets his patience, but he is able to create an incredibly relaxed driving experience, whilst explaining everything in a way that makes even the tricky things seem easy! I really believe that I’d have given up on driving altogether had it not been for Peter’s support. A massive thank you, Peter – for putting up with my moaning, and not giving up on me!

Lesley, Dennistoun


“I passed my test yesterday all thanks to Peter! After putting off driving lessons for years I just picked  searching online for driving schools  but I couldn’t have chosen a better instructor  as Peter was extremely patient, explained things really well and  helped me to understand how to  do manoeuvres  which I found very difficult! I will certainly recommend learning to drive with Peter as he is not only an excellent instructor but a really nice person as well.

Looking forward to Pass Plus. Thanks for everything Peter!!”

Adriana, Glasgow


“As a Mum of 3 young children who was involved in a serious car accident a few years ago I never imagined I would be able to get behind the wheel of a car. After much persuasion from my husband and family I decided to get out there on the road and booked a lesson. I owe so much to Stephanie as her fantastic personality and teaching techniques have provided me with the confidence and skills required to be a safe driver. I could never have passed my driving test had it not been for Stephanie and I owe her so much as she has opened the world for me and my family. I recommend Stephanie to anyone who is considering learning to drive.”

Leeanne Baillieston


“Thank you Simon and Stephannie for organising Helen’s Pass Plus Course – she enjoyed it very much and it was a great learning experience for her – thanks for setting up the day at such short notice. A great, professional service with really nice people – thanks again!”

Jennifer, Isle of Skye


“I recently re-started driving lessons after a 5 year break. My last instructor was unreliable, unfriendly and didn’t offer any hints and tips. After just 10 lessons with Alex i had sat my test for the first time and passed with only 1 minor fault! I would recommend Alex to anyone he was always on time, had a good personality and showed me the simple ways to carry out manouvers. 5 star”

Stevie, Baillieston


“I recommend peter to anyone wanting to learn to drive, after a year of no driving lessons and previous attempts  with different instructors, i passed at the first shot with peter. If your looking for a patient,funny and friendly instructor,who knows his stuff and knows how to get the best out of people then u have to go with peter. My sister and her friend are taking lessons with peter, she is now ready for her test. If he can manage to get me passed then im sure everybody else will be a breeze. i won’t hesitate to recommend anyone else i meet”

Andrew, Garrowhill


” After having put off learning to drive for years I finally decided to do something about it.

To say I’m a perfectionist is a bit of an understatement but I absolutely hate failing at anything I set out to do. Having totally no confidence in my ability, I had already decided in my head I would fail.

Peter was the perfect instructor for me, his “no gimmick” approach to driving was all I really needed. He explained things so easily and was happy to answer my many questions and scenarios – helping me to build up confidence not only with my driving technique but with my fear of failure.  He was totally patient an persevered with me throughout my may attempts to reverse round the corner successfully. In the end, after only a few lessons, I eventually Passed FIRST TIME and that’s definitely a credit to Peter. I would without hesitation recommend Peter to anyone wishing to learn to drive not only is he a great driving instructor but a really nice person. Thanks again!”

Claire, Bothwell


“ I would recommend Peter to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is a great instructor, who is friendly and has a lot of patience. Peter makes things easy to understand and helps you improve your confidence on the road. He also makes you feel relaxed, if you are a bit nervous and have not a lot confidence about driving. After I had passed my test, I recommended my cousin, neighbour and some of my friends to Peter, as he is an excellent instructor. So I would recommend Peter to anyone. Cheers Peter. “

William. Cranhill


“I would recommend peter to anyone learning to drive, after numerous lessons with different instructors peter simplified everything and made driving easy (even maneuvers) for me. After only a handful of lessons with Peter I was ready for my test and passed it no bother.”

Darroch, Dennistoun


‘Great instructor (Paul), Great company and some good laughs. Recommended to my girlfriend and she has improved. Pure quality!’



I finally did what I thought I’d never be able to do, and pass my driving test! I was severely lacking in confidence, but Simon is one of the most patient people you’ll ever meet, and he’ll build up confidence in even the most nervous of people! Thanks to Simon, i’ve become confident in myself and my abilities (he even got me reversing round corners, which was the bane of my life…), and I can finally decide what music to play in car…looks like the end of my wife’s Girls Aloud domination…woo-hoo!Simon was really good at picking up on things I needed to work on, explaining them in ways that are easy to understand, and he is really good at making you feel relaxed (but alert) while driving. I just can’t wait to drive around without the L plates on…although i’ll miss the familiar sight of the the blue mini coming up the road…cheers Simon.’

Graham, Gartcosh


‘Simon’s a great instructor, both patient and thorough – never loses his cool during a lesson. Also comes with friendly attitude, quality banter and amusing Geordie accent. It pains me to look out my window and not see the yellow mini anymore, but thats the price of passing…if you haven’t yet, then this is definitely the guy to call.”

Charlie, Cambuslang


‘Simon was a great instructor.  He made me feel at ease and calm when driving.. Before starting lessons with Simon I had a female instructor, who emigrated, so I had to find another instructor with a mini, I was a bit apprehensive about being taught by a man, however, Simon very patient understanding.  In fact he taught me an easier way to do my reverse park.   He even finds time to have a laugh and joke in between times.  I have recommended Simon to my friends.’

Julie, Cambuslang


George is a fantastic instructor he only had 5 lessons to get me prepared for my test he’s confident, patient and very understanding, in the short time he taught me he made me more aware of my mistakes and miss-judgments on the road and to be a more curious driver, George is funny and friendly which makes learning to drive with him comfortable and relaxed, I would strongly recommend him to anyone from beginner to more advanced in driving,

Deborah, Shettleston


Fantastic! If I can pass with Simon then anyone can! It took me 3 instructors to eventually find someone who I could feel as ease with. Now looking to do my pass plus with him.

Ashley, Sandyhills


“I had refresher lessons with George because I passed my test 4 years ago and have not had the opportunity to drive since then. George gave me the confidence I needed to drive in the city centre and on the motorway, as well as provided rational answers to all of my questions. I’ve had 3 driving instructors in total and can honestly say that George was the best: he was supportive, tolerant and non-judgemental. I was glad to have an instructor that was down to earth, friendly and charismatic too. Refresher lessons are completely different to learning for the first time and George acknowledged this, yet I would recommend George to drivers of all ability.”

Kayleigh, Glasgow


“Being 31 and having had 6 previous instructors over the years I had little confidence in my ability to drive.  I was very anxious and wasn’t confident but Simon was always encouraging and explained things in a way I could easily understand.  Simon is patient friendly and really laid back never stressing when I made a mistake and always had a laugh and a joke which made lessons a real pleasure”

Jenny, Tollcross


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