Lesson Cancellations / No-shows

24 hours notice is required if you cancel a lesson. If you do not give 24 hours notice we may charge you for the lesson. By cancelling late you take up a space that another pupil could benefit from and the instructors working time is wasted. Could you afford suddenly to lose money from your wages?

You WILL be charged if we arrive for a pre-arranged lesson and you are not available if we have not been contacted beforehand. However, instructors will use discretion in certain unavoidable situations.

In return we will try not to cancel any lessons. If we do, we will try to ensure that we give you at least the same notice and will attempt to fit you in elsewhere that week.

Obviously, we may be unable to avoid cancelling at short notice if technical issues occur with the cars, sickness or if the weather is unsafe for example.

Driving Tests

Unfortunately no guarantees can be given that you will pass your test first time. We can guarantee that we will teach you to test standard or better before you go for your test as long as you listen to our advice. However, on the day it only takes one serious mistake. The passing part is up to you!

Please remember the instructors are all highly trained and professional people authorised by the DVSA and therefore please follow their advice.

If you book a test against our advice you may not be able to take our car to the test as this jeopardises the instructors records/relationship with the DVSA, puts you at risk,  puts the car at risk, the safety of others at risk, the examiner at risk and it is of no use to you to go before you are ready anyway. Examiners are observers, not supervisors and therefore do not have to intervene where an instructor would.

No responsibility can be taken for tests cancelled by the DVSA due to adverse weather or any other reason. Nor can we take responsibility for you losing your documentation or failing an eyesight test. We will take responsibility if the test is cancelled due to the condition of the car

Lesson Availability

Lessons are on a first come first served basis. We will try to accommodate you at the same time every week or different times, whichever you prefer. However, when some people work shifts and other work set hours and people have other plans I’m sure you can understand it is hard to keep everyone happy 100% of the time but we do try.

In addition, driving tests must take priority when arranging lesson times so as not to hold up that big day for anyone. The DVSA may only have certain times available for test.

This a policy which you will all benefit from one day.


You must be 17 years old and hold a provisional licence (full licence for Motorway/Pass Plus/Refresher) before you can take L-plate lessons.

Block bookings

Normally you will receive a discount when buying block bookings of 5,10 or 20 hours. These discounts are based on purchasing the lessons in advance and so you may not be entitled to the block booking discount if not purchased on or before the first lesson of the block. If for any reason you cancel lessons part way through the block then the lessons taken will be charged at full price as the block has not been taken. A refund of remaining lessons may be given at the instructors discretion but based on full price for lessons taken. Block bookings expire 12 months after purchase.


Data Protection/Privacy policy

Obviously, we need to request some data off you to provide you with lessons. In most circumstances this will simply be name, address and contact numbers. These will be stored by the school and your instructor for the sole purpose of being able to contact you regarding your lessons. For those people who we book tests for then we may have to take driving licence and card details. If this is the case then they will be written down only for the purpose of booking the test or collected over the phone and immediately input into the test booking service without being stored at all. We will not pass on any of your details to anyone else outside the business or anyone who does not need to know any of your details. We will not use your details to send any information or marketing except in response to a request by you for more information. In addition, we may display your name on social networking sites and on our website both to congratulate you for passing your test and as marketing for us to show we have a good pass rate. This will be restricted to your name only. However, if you prefer this not to happen just let your instructor know.