Driving lessons can be taken for 1 or 2 hours at a time. They can be taken once a week, twice or more. We tend to find that it is more efficient for you in the long term to take two hours at a time as it takes less driving lessons overall. This is because you pick it up quicker and less time is spent recapping the previous lesson. However, some people struggle to concentrate for two hours or get tired so it is up to you to choose. We will try to accommodate everyone whether you prefer different times or the same time every week. However all driving lessons have to be subject to availability as we are always very busy.

Driving Lessons should not be seen simply as a means of passing the test. We are teaching you a skill for life and I’m sure you want to keep yourself and others safe on the roads. You need to be able to drive safely on all roads and traffic conditions. Tuition follows the syllabus laid down by the DVSA.

Remember before taking standard driving lessons you must be over 17 and hold a Provisional driving licence. Your licence must be available for inspection on your first lesson. If you do not yet hold a licence you can apply for it online at the DVLA link below.
DVLA License Updated

If you want to book this type of lessons, any other type of lesson or have any other questions please contact us.