The Pass Plus course is designed for young drivers who have recently passed their test. It is to teach you further skills and experience in different situations you may not have encountered in the test or pre-test driving lessons. It has been designed inconjunction with insurance companies so that the cost of the course could be offset by insurance discounts.
I believe this course is invaluable and as such offer it to pupils I have taught as learners at normal prices even though it actually costs more to provide compared with 6 standard lessons. The DVSA specify you must take at least six hours of Pass Plus tuition and it covers the following modules : –

– Town Driving
– All-weather driving
– Driving on Rural Roads
– Night Drivin
– Driving on Dual Carriageways
– Motorway Driving

If you want to book this type of lessons, any other type of lesson or have any other questions please contact us.