Are you worried about increasing fuel costs?

Would you like to learn how to reduce your fuel costs?

According to the Energy Savings Trust you could save around 20p per litre by using fuel efficient driving techniques. Thats around 15% of the current fuel prices or around £250 per year based on 10000 miles a year…

You can learn efficient or eco-safe driving techniques. For only a 2hr driving lesson you could save up to £250 per year forever!

The course will include:-

– Gear changing
– Accelerator control
– Planning your braking
– Forward awareness and planning
– Speed  control
– Start/stop systems or switching off
– Tyre pressures
– Use of air conditioning / windows

All in all this could save 10-15% of your entire fuel bill*. Of course, actual savings will depends on your driving style (before and after the course), fuel type, annual mileage, where you drive and your car.

Sound like a good investment, doesn’t it?

Then give us a call on 0141 611 9665 or 07886 920 037.

* – The Energy Savings Trust quotes 20p per litre of fuel and with petrol prices currently at an average of £1.41 thats 15%