How long will it take to pass my driving test?

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency research suggests the average amount of time to pass your test is 48 hours of professional tuition plus 20 hours of private practice. However, this depends very much on the individual. I have had some people pass after only 21 lessons and some people as many as 50.

How much does the theory test cost?

The current price of the theory test is £23.00 payable to the DVSA. You can practice online for free with us by clicking HERE.

How much does the practical driving test cost?

The current price of a standard time practical driving test is £62.00 payable to the DVSA. Evening/Saturday/Sunday tests are sometimes available at some test centres for a higher fee, currently £75. You also have to pay for two hours use of our car at the normal rates. This is why it is important you are ready for your test before we send you. A test fail will cost you these costs again so you need to be ready!

What do I need before I can take lessons?

You must be over 17 years old and hold a provisional driving licence before you take any lessons. The licence must be available for inspection on your first lesson. We may ask for details in advance to do a driving entitlement check as details are held by the DVLA electronically. Your eyesight needs to be up to a minimum standard and will be checked by your instructor.

When will I know I’m ready for my practical test?

You are ready for your test when you can independently control the car safely and consistently on all roads and in all traffic conditions. You need to be able to make good progress subject to traffic conditions. Throughout your test you need to display sound judgement and consideration for other road users. You must also complete maneouvres safely and under control. Before your test we will put you through your paces in a mock test. This will both check the standard of your driving and help you know what to expect on your real test. More details are given on the DVSA videos below.

How do I book my driving test?

Both the theory and practical tests can be booked using the DVSA official website. The links to this are on our useful links page. You may prefer to book by phone. In this case the number is 0300 200 1122. If you are taking lessons with us the instructor may be able to book your test for you and usually we do in the case of intensive courses. We suggest only using the DVSA official sites for booking your tests. If you don’t, then you may be overcharged significantly by certain private companies online who offer to book tests for you.

How can I pay for my lessons?

You can pay for your lessons by cash, cheque or card. Payments by cash can be made direct to your instructor on your lessons. Block bookings must be paid for in advance which is why they qualify for a discount. Cheques must clear in advance of lessons. Card payments are available over the phone in advance or, in some cases, may be available in-car.

Where are you based?

We are based in the East end of Glasgow but our success has allowed us to grow rapidly. We now cover most of West Central Scotland.


How do I know I’m ready for my theory test?

There are a variety of products available to help you practise and prepare for your theory test. We also offer theory test practice FREE online. There are also many applications available for smart phones(such as I-Phone and Google Android compatible) which you can download from the relevant place. These products allow you to revise and learn questions, correct and see incorrect answers and sit mock tests. Remember there are two parts to the theory test – the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. I advise use of the discs, plenty of mock tests and once you pass around 9 out of 10 times you are probably ready. Again, more information is available on the DVSA video below.


What happens on my driving test?

Here is the DVSA official video to show you what to expect…

What happens on my driving theory test?

There are two videos available from the DVSA that explain the driving theory test. One explains the overall theory test and one explains the hazard perception part of the test in detail.